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張翔回覆宿生會聯署信 僅交代警察前往二村詳情


張翔指,當晚警方接報有人沿薄扶林道、於賴廉士體育中心(Lindsay Ride Sports Centre)附近非法塗鴉,故前往現場調查事件。負責管理舍堂的部門亦隨即獲學生提醒而得悉此事。由於調查地點於二村附近,港大保安員即與舍堂經理就此事溝通。警方抵達現場後曾把一輛警車停泊於進入二村的車道的入口約五分鐘,以避免堵塞薄扶林道及等候港大保安員和舍堂經理到達現場。而當警方獲港大職員通知有關塗鴉位於大學物業上,而非公共範圍時便即時離開現場,其並沒有進入校園作出更多查詢。警方亦確認於當晚調查過程中有一名男性於薄扶林道109號外的公共行人路上,在大學物業外被截停搜身。

信件回覆全文://To: Members of HKU Halls and College Students’ Associations

Thank you for your letter to the President regarding the entry of the police into the HKU Jockey Club Student Village II (JCSVII) on October 4, 2019, at around 2am.

We understand your concerns about the circumstances and would like to assure you that the existing protocol between the police and the University was followed.

At the time in question, the police informed HKU security personnel that they had received a 999-call reporting the allegedly illegal spraying of graffiti along Pokfulam Road near Lindsay Ride Sports Centre and were coming to conduct an investigation. Shortly thereafter, the hall management was also alerted by some students. Since the location was in the vicinity of the JCSVII, the HKU security officer and the Hall Manager communicated with one another immediately on the matter.

The police officers parked one of their vans at the entrance of the access road adjacent to Lindsay Ride Sports Centre for about 5 minutes, so as not to obstruct Pokfulam Road while they waited for the arrival of the security staff and the hall manager.

Having received confirmation from HKU colleagues that the graffiti was on University property, and not in a public area, the police left immediately. They did not enter the campus to make any further enquiries.

As to the report that a student was searched while leaving the Village, the police confirmed that, as part of their investigation, one male was stopped and searched on the public pavement at 109 Pokfulam Road, outside University property.

We are grateful to you for bringing this incident to our attention. All of us at HKU are keen to abide by the law, and to ensure that established procedures and protocols continue to be fully respected.

President’s Office//

[1] 眾舍堂學生會聯署去信張翔 質問校方處理警方進入校園範圍手法:https://www.undergrad.hk/17876

2019 年 10 月 10 日