港大通識教育部決定與CEDARS合併 計劃將於 2018 年 9 月 1 日開始

2018 年 04 月 26 日

【學苑專訊】通識教育部助理總監黃志淙博士日前透過電郵 [1] 通知學生,指經過接近兩年的意見收集後,校方將於 2018 年 9 月 1 日把通識教育部(下稱 GE )合併為學生發展及資源中心(下稱 CEDARS)的團隊,並向學生事務長(Dean of Student Affairs)報告事項。電郵中提到,此舉能豐富CEDARS的課外活動,並為同學提供更廣泛、多元化(broader and more diversified)的學習體驗。

電郵末指,如同學對此方案有任何意見或建議,可於2018年5月11日(星期五)或之前電郵至[email protected]



For all students and alumni concerned about the future of General Education Unit, HKU. An official announcement from Dr. Wong Chi Chung was sent to all students today. Here is the content of the email:


Dear students,

“All is well!”

After almost two years of opinion gathering, soul searching and strategic planning, in order to synergise the development of the co-curricular non-credit bearing programmes for all HKU students, GE will become a team in CEDARS and report to the Dean of Student Affairs.  On one hand, we can contribute to CEDARS’ co-curricular programmes and further enhance our impacts mutually. On the other hand, a broader and more diversified learning experience can be generated. As the Head of the team, I will make sure our ongoing GE programme curation and direction will be intact and in line with our philosophy since 1995, together with my existing team, resources and spaces.

We hope to hear from you because our programmes are tailor-made for you and we endeavour to provide whole-person education and arouse students’ intellectual curiosity in HKU. So please send in your opinions and suggestions by 11 May 2018 (Fri) to [email protected].

We plan to start this new chapter on 1 September 2018 in the new academic year. And, please continue to travel with us to the limitless realms of knowledge and wisdom of interest-driven learning.


Dr. Wong Chi Chung

Assistant Director of General Education, HKU

24 April 2018

2018 年 04 月 26 日